A composite mating board has a better fit for the future, a panel maker says

By GEICO NEWS & THE INDUSTRY VOLUME 2, NO. 8 APRIL, 2019 -12:00 p.m.

ETThe company that manufactures the board composition assessment system for composite matings and board construction for building contractors has released a study that concludes it can be used for the most common composite board application.

The American Board of Composite Matings and Board Construction, or ABBC, says it can assess composite board thickness, which is the distance between the top and bottom edges of a board, based on its own measurements and a composite board component-by-component analysis.

It uses a laser to measure the area and strength of the composite board to calculate the composite thickness.ABBC says the composite mat’s weight is about the same as that of a normal board, but the weight of the board is dependent on the weight and thickness of the two composite components.ABWC’s board thicknesses for composite boards are 1/8 inch for 2 1/2-inch board sizes, 1/4 inch for 4-inch boards and 1/16 inch for 6-inch panels.

It also says it doesn’t require a specific thickness.

The board composition standards, used by the Board of Trade, require a minimum of 1/3 inch for all boards and 3/4 inches for composite panels.ABBCL also says the material it uses is more expensive, but that’s because it’s a composite material.

ABBC says it is a more reliable alternative to standard composite board testing.

It says it has used the composite test for several years.ABC has a website where you can read more about the composite testing and other materials used for board testing, including materials for concrete and asphalt.ABDC is part of the North American Board, which consists of boards for construction and manufacturing, including those for steel, concrete, lumber and plywood.

ABDC and ABBC also use the same materials in their composite mat testing.ABCC has a page for composite board tests and other testing materials.ABTC, which has a composite mat for wood, is part.ABCT, which also has a board for wood and has a different composition standard, also has an ABBC composite mat test.

ABCT has a test for boards made from steel.

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