An update on a bizarre ‘Buddhist’ monk who’s gone on to become the world’s first self-confessed cult leader

The Buddha of Buddhism has been described as a “Buddha in disguise” by a Buddhist monk.

The monk has now claimed he is a Buddhist priestess.

He has also been dubbed the “King of the Underworld” by an ex-buddhist monk.

But there are also some who think the Buddha is a hoax, a fake or a myth, and have even tried to claim that the Buddha himself was a monk.

And there are more.

The Buddha was born on May 28, 734 BC, and lived in the Kingdom of Indus in western India, a land called Sarnath, in modern-day Pakistan.

He is believed to have been the first Buddhist to be born in the world.

He was also the founder of Buddhism in India, the world-renowned religion.

He also founded the first monastic school in China, and in India was considered the “father of Buddhism”.

The Buddha died in 735 AD, aged about 50.

There is no evidence that he was ever alive, and his remains were not found in India for centuries.

His disciples were either exiled to China or executed.

The “Budhism” phenomenon was first documented in the early 19th century by French writer Georges-Louis Charbonneau, who wrote in 1887: “The word is not a monasticism but a religion.”

He described “the religion of the Buddha” as “a form of spiritual worship” and said it had “the essence of a religious and ethical monastic organisation”.

He also claimed that it “can be found in every part of the world”.

Charbonreau described “Bosch” as a Sanskrit term for “God” and described him as the “greatest and most outstanding figure of the Buddhist tradition”.

In his book The Buddha in China (1914), a collection of essays on Buddhism, Charbonée said the Buddha “was the greatest spiritual leader of all times and was considered by the Chinese as their greatest saint”.

Charbons work on Buddhism in China helped shape the modern Chinese religious landscape.

But Charbonnaire was unable to locate the original texts, and the “Bodhisattva” legend has been disputed by some scholars.

The story is said to have originated in the 15th century when an unknown monk named Bodhidharma told a story of a time when a “budha” or “buddha of the underworld” was born in China.

Bodhidhidhara claimed that a Buddhist student named Sukhavati lived in China and became the Buddha.

The student then left the school to return to India.

But Sukhava, a monk named Suddhodana, was able to contact Bodhidhis disciple, Sukhanta, and sent him on a journey to India in search of a “god”.

In India, Sukkhavato was born into a wealthy family and spent his youth studying Buddhism.

He became a monk and became a “King”.

In a sermon in the 18th century, he said: “I will not conceal from you my identity as the king of the gods, because the world will believe me when I tell it.”

Suddhhodana told the king that he had found the “God of India”, a mysterious “breath of the universe” who could “bring happiness, health and happiness”.

Suddhidhana was later expelled from India, but Sukhana became a powerful Buddhist priest, preaching that the God was “a man of great merit”.

But it was only in the 19th Century that a Chinese scholar, Li Zhiyuan, published an account of a journey that the “bodhisatva” made to India, and published it in his book Tao of China.

“The Buddha of India” was the first to be published in China after the “Legend of the King of India”.

It was also published in Japan, where Sukhva lived until his death in 1912.

In 1921, the first book on the Buddha appeared in Japan.

But while the name of the book was “The Legend of the Bodhisattvas of India,” it was also called “The Bodies of the Buddhas” and “The Bodhisatvas of the World”.

According to the book, Sukshma was born about 5,000 years ago in the land of India called Srinagar.

He spent much of his childhood and adolescence in Srinagandha, a city in the northern part of India, before travelling to China to become a monk in the 5th century AD.

When he returned to India to study Buddhism in the 6th century A.D., he returned with a copy of a Buddhist text called the Pali Canon, which he wrote in Sanskrit and translated into Chinese.

This translation was made into the famous “Tao of China”, a book that became a standard work of Chinese Buddhism for

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