I think I found a simple solution for making a composite wooden shelf using plywood.

I’ve been working on a project that’s been sitting in my office for a while now and I had been looking for a way to make something that would look great on a wall, but I had never really considered what a wood frame might look like in a similar manner.

I found a nice, but not spectacular wood board by accident when I was cleaning up my garage. 

It was the only wood I could find on sale, and it was the cheapest I could get for about $1.25 per square foot. 

I decided to try it out, and within the first few minutes I realized how well it would work.

I used the same wood as my garage, and then I used a small hammer to pry the pieces apart to get the joints to open up. 

When the pieces were in place, I laid them out and started cutting them with a jigsaw. 

Each piece is about a 1/2 inch thick, and the pieces are just 1.5 inches apart. 

The pieces are 1 inch wide and 1 inch deep, so it’s a bit of a challenge to get them all in place. 

For the sides, I wanted to leave as much room as possible for the sides to fold over, but the wood isn’t going to support much weight anyway. 

This is how the boards would look when all assembled.

I was able to get my boards into a decent-sized frame and then cut the wood into 4 pieces to make the front of the frame. 

These are the sides of the boards.

The center piece is where I will be cutting out the frame pieces. 

Once I got my frames out of the garage, I decided to put them on the ground. 

One thing I’ve noticed about this method is that if you are cutting from a piece of plywood and putting it on a piece with a square peg, the square peg will be slightly crooked.

This means that you will need to trim off the excess wood from the side of the board, but if you do, the side you cut on will still be slightly out of line. 

With this method, the pieces will all be in the right place.

The back of the wood frame.

The front of this piece. 

You can see that the plywood is just sitting there, and you can see how the front and back pieces are laying out. 

A little bit of time will go a long way, and when you have finished the entire piece, you can use the back piece as a backing for the front piece and put a piece on top of it. 

In this case, I put the backing on top and then added a couple of nails and a screwdriver to secure it to the ply. 

To make sure that the boards were all together, I added a few screws and a glue stick to hold everything together. 

After a little bit more work, I was ready to get cracking! 

First, I used the jigsaw to cut the ply into four pieces.

I didn’t have time to actually cut the pieces, so I used what I had lying around to make sure the pieces fit perfectly. 

Next, I cut out the pieces and put them together using a jig saw.

I tried using a large saw, but since I didn`t have a large jig, I ended up using a smaller saw to get a nice rounded edge. 

Finally, I glued the pieces together and then used a hammer to make them into a frame.

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