3D printed composite boards, made from a plastic resin, could help make flying drones more accessible and less expensive to build. 

It could also help companies make the next generation of drones. 

A group of researchers from the University of Bath, in the UK, have used the technology to make a 3D-printed composite board that was just as light as a conventional board.

The composite board is made of a composite material that can be heated to a temperature of about 500 degrees Celsius. 

“We have developed a 3-D printed component that can generate the same thermal conductivity as plastic,” said Professor David Smith, from the Centre for Manufacturing Research and Technology at Bath University.

“This allows us to print 3D composites that can go from a low cost to very expensive.”

The composite boards have a flexible structure that can bend to suit the design of the drone.

“We are using a polymer that is flexible and can bend, but it has no physical properties that would affect the design,” said Dr Matthew Roberts, from Bath University’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

“The material has the properties that are needed for a flexible composite structure, and we can also control the bending.”

The team made a composite board from a combination of ABS, polyurethane, and anhydrous ammonia.

The board is 3D scanned, heated, and then printed. 

To print the composite, the researchers used a scanning electron microscope to scan a layer of the composite. 

The team then printed out the material on a high quality resin. 

Once the resin was poured into a mold, the team printed out two 3D prints that could then be assembled into a 3d printed composite board.

“It was a relatively straightforward task,” Dr Roberts said.

“With the printing, we could just glue a layer to the resin and start printing,” he said. 

Mr Roberts said the composite board could be used for everything from 3D printing parts for the new generation of flying drones, to building a new generation 3D printer that would make it possible to print a wide variety of composite materials. 

Dr Roberts and Dr Smith say they hope the composite boards could be widely used in the aerospace industry. 

In a study published in the journal ACS Nano, they said they could make composite components for aircraft that could be easily fabricated in a 3rd party factory.

“If we could get a large number of people to use the technology, the technology would make aerospace production more accessible to everyone,” Dr Smith said.

“There would be more parts that can just be made, it would be easier to scale up the production of 3D materials, and the quality of 3Ds would be improved.”

The technology could also be used in manufacturing of other composite materials, including glass and plastics.

“When you want to use composite materials to make something that’s not plastic or a glass or a plastic that is made from carbon, then you have to make the parts out of a material that is not plastic, and you have got to make that material in a way that it’s not going to break,” Dr Joseph said.

Dr Roberts said he hopes to one day be able to print composite boards in the factory for aircraft, which would be a huge step forward in the development of the industry.

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