I’ve been working with a few clients over the last few weeks who want to remove the plastic scaffold from their existing home, as well as some of their existing wooden frames, but they still have no idea what they need to do next. 

The answer is simple. 

Get a scaffold board. 

In the article below, I’ll explain how to do this in a few simple steps, as opposed to some lengthy tutorials that I would’ve liked to have done. 

I’m also going to be using a cheap and easily available foamboard, and will use it as the basis for the article. 

It will also make the scaffold easier to handle in case I need to relocate it. 

This will allow me to move things around a lot more easily. 

If you’re looking for more information on scaffolding, check out our article on how to build a DIY scaffold out of reclaimed wood and fabric. 


Cut the boards from a piece of reclaimed fabric, which I found on eBay (a pretty cheap option) and used to cut the frames. 

 If you can find recycled fabric, it’s a great way to save money. 

Cutting the boards Using a hobby knife The first thing you need to know about this process is that you can’t cut out a single piece of fabric.

The only way you can make it is by cutting out a section of the fabric.

So, first you need the fabric, cut out two strips of fabric, and cut out the boards. 

This will make it easy to work with once you have all of the boards cut out. 

It’s a good idea to use a hobby sharpener to cut out these strips, and to do so quickly to avoid damaging the fabric later on. 

Once you have the boards, you need a bit of foam to make it easier to cut. 

You can find a cheap foam board at any home improvement store, but you might have to use some scrap fabric to make the boards a bit more rigid. 

To make it a bit easier to work on, you can also make a thin piece of foam by cutting a piece that’s around half an inch long. 

Now, take the two pieces of fabric that you cut out and fold them in half. 

Then, use a pair of scissors to cut a large opening in one of the folded sections of fabric and fold it over into a square. 

Here, you’re going to cut one end of the opening in a clockwise direction. 

The other end will be cut to make a clock reverse direction.


Using a hobby saw, cut around the foamboard. 

Next, cut the foam board in half, leaving one end exposed. 

If this was a bit harder, you could cut the piece in two, but I prefer cutting the pieces in two halves, so I left that part exposed. 

 You can cut out an opening in the foam with a hobby blade. 

I made this hole with a woodworking hobby saw. 


Cut out the first part of the scaffolding board.

 Next comes the second part. 


Cut a small hole in the centre of the foam. 

After you cut the holes, you’ll need to cut two pieces to make three, three-piece boards.


Cut two pieces out of foamboard and attach them to the first piece. 

These will form the two halves of the board.


Use a pair on a frame. 

A good way to attach these boards to a frame is to cut them in a triangle. 


Attach the boards to the frame using a small piece of scrap fabric. 

 I used a piece from a scrap fabric bag, which is about half an inches long. 

 This is how the pieces look when they’re attached. 


Take a scrap piece of cloth and cut it to the shape of the first board. 

  Next you’ll attach the two boards together, using a piece made from a pair. 


Attaching the boards is easy, so it’s time to get the foam ready to put in place. 


Attached foam board can be a bit tricky. 

So, first, lay the foam on the foamboards side. 

When it’s laying flat, make sure it’s not overlapping with the foam, or the foam will roll off. 

On the other side, make a cut at the foam’s top. 

Lay a second piece of plastic on top of the plastic. 

That way, the foam won’t roll off of the sides of the two foamboards, and the plastic can be easily placed on top. 

 When it is all in place, you should be able to move it around easily. 

 Now, you have a foam board.

It’s ready to be installed! Here’s

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