President Barack Obama has offered a rare rebuke of GOP fears that a terror attack by a radical Islamic extremist will lead to a return to an era of “peace, prosperity, and stability.”

Speaking to reporters in the Rose Garden at the White House on Thursday, Obama said Republicans have to “get over their fears” and “make sure that we do not end up back where we were in 2011,” when Republicans refused to take action on President Donald Trump’s immigration executive order, which was put on hold by a federal judge in New York on February 1.

Obama called the order “a threat to the national security of the United States,” adding that it “is an assault on our values, and we have to make sure that that doesn’t happen.”

The president said Republicans are “not prepared to deal with a serious threat of an act of terrorism” and must “get back to the kind of robust security that we have had in place since 2001, which is a guarantee of liberty and equality for all.”

“There are things we can do to protect our people from a serious terrorist attack,” Obama said.

“But the president also emphasized that the United State has no tolerance for the kind and the reckless behavior that we saw in New Jersey and that is what I said at the beginning of my presidency, and I’ll continue to say.”

Obama did not elaborate on the details of the president’s comments, but a spokesman for the president confirmed that the president made the comments.

Obama was responding to Republican leaders who have been pressuring the administration to take a more aggressive stance on terrorism, saying that “it is now clear” that the administration is not willing to act against “an act of terror” or an “act of violent extremism.”

“We’re not going to allow a political process to be hijacked by people who would use violence and terror to intimidate people of good will,” Obama added.

The president also slammed Republicans for failing to address the threat posed by ISIS, calling the threat “a real problem” and saying the party has “a responsibility” to act.

“They’ve got to get their act together and they’ve got a responsibility to take this seriously and to get it done,” he said.

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