More than 20,000 boards, with an average thickness of 7.2 millimetres, were laid down by a consortium of companies over the course of five days at the city’s convention centre in Toronto.

The boards are composed of composite materials, including foam, polyester, vinyl, and nylon.

The company behind the boards, 3M Canada, says they are environmentally friendly and cost less than traditional foam.

2x 6 Composite board from 3M (CBC) “I would describe the process of making this product as an eco-friendly and sustainable process,” said CEO Stephen Sanger.

“This is a product that’s not just a foam board.”

Sanger says the foam is made from a “synthetic material that is biodegradable, biodegrades, and is extremely lightweight.”

The board is made up of several layers, including polyester and nylon, with the core layer made from polyethylene, or PE, a biodegradeable material.

“It’s a very sustainable product,” said Sanger, adding that it’s also a cheaper option for businesses to produce foam than traditional boards.

“The quality of the product is the most important aspect,” said 3M president, CEO, and co-founder of 3M Manufacturing, John Legg.

The first-of-its-kind product, Sanger said, is also made with recycled plastic waste from an Eco-Friendly Business initiative, which uses plastic from local stores and restaurants.

The board was made to be recycled in the first place.

3M says it is the first in Canada to produce a composite foam board.

The new board is available in five sizes: 1.2 metres, 1.4 metres, 2 metres, and 2.2 meters.

The 3M boards come in five different materials: foam, nylon, polypropylene, vinyl.

The foam comes in two flavours, a black and white variety.

3×6 Composite board (3M Canada) 3x 6 composite board (1:3) (3MP Canada) The board comes in five materials, the highest quality being polyester.

It’s made from PE. 3mm Composite board with white plastic (3MB) 3mm composite board with black plastic (2MB) (4MB) The composite foam is designed to be a lightweight, strong, flexible, and environmentally friendly material, according to Sanger’s company.

It is manufactured using a patented process and can be recycled for a lifetime.

The composite board is sold at a range of retailers, including 3M’s Canadian arm, 3MM Canada.

Sanger is hopeful that the board will be on display at the Ontario pavilion of the Expo 2020 in Ottawa.

“We are excited to showcase the material at the Expo,” said Legg, adding he expects to see the board on display with other products that are made from the material.

The Expo is the largest international trade fair for businesses, which is currently in its final stage of its first phase.

Sider said that in order to promote sustainable manufacturing, the industry is working with the federal government and others to promote better environmental practices.

“I think we can leverage our international connections to have these initiatives at Expo 2020,” said the CEO.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to see a lot more of these new products being developed by the international players.”

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