Finkelstein, the author of the article, says she’s not trying to “sell” the boards, but rather to “expose the ins and outs” of the boards’ use.

The boards come in many shapes and sizes, and they can vary in their insulation properties.

“It’s a very complex topic,” Finkelsteins said.

“The question that needs to be asked is: Is the insulation best for the building?”

Finkel’s website includes a wide range of information on the topic.

“If you are building in the back yard, you need to have a board that is the right size and is a good insulator,” she said.

Finkel also says it is best to make the board yourself or buy one from a supplier that is certified by a board manufacturer.

It is also important to know the insulating properties of the board before you decide to purchase one, she said, noting that even the best boards can have issues.

She also says to always check the board manufacturer’s website to make sure the board’s insulation rating is accurate.

“You may have to spend money on a new one if it is not a perfect fit,” Finkels said. 

One of the biggest problems with boards is the cost, she says, and that’s something she has noticed when it comes to composite board insulation.

“Composite boards tend to cost around $40-$50,” Finkells said.

This includes the cost of the insulation and other materials used to make it, Finkels said, adding that if the board has to be purchased from a manufacturer, the price is usually around $30-$35 per board.

“I don’t know if you can say you are paying for a good board but you are saving money because it is cheaper,” she added.

She recommends that you make your own board or purchase a composite board from a company that has an approved rating from a board certification body. 

Finkelstein said composite board boards should be used for exterior projects that have a minimum of four feet of roof area and do not require a lot of additional work. 

“You could be building a deck or patio,” she told CBC News.

“It is good for the exterior if it’s in a nice location.” 

As for whether or not a composite is the best board for you, Finkelin said the answer depends on the building.

“A lot of the time, if you are doing a patio, you can make a good, solid board,” she noted.

“But if you do an outdoor project and the roof is not that large, you might not need a board.” 

Finkels also said a good roofing material can help protect against the elements, such as rain, snow, wind and hail.

She suggested using a waterproofing material such as polyurethane, as well as a coating of aluminum oxide or silicon rubber to keep the boards dry. 

You can also look to other materials like recycled cardboard, paper, or plastic.

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