I am not a buyer.

I don’t buy things.

If a company makes a product that does good, I buy it.

But if a company says that it will make a product with a bad name and it does not, then I am going to buy that product.

The problem is that a lot of the companies that are doing good, that are creating good products, that I do not know of, that have been doing great are not doing well.

And they should not be able to sell the products to me.

That is the problem, not with my buying habits.

What are the big players doing wrong?

The biggest ones are the pharma companies.

The big pharma players are selling too many products and not making them cost-effective.

If you look at the number of prescriptions in India, I do believe that the number is a lot higher than the number sold in the U.S. or in Europe, which is an industry leader.

There is a huge disparity.

And the fact that they are making too many drugs at the expense of other drugs is very serious.

The major pharmaceutical companies, including Aptel, are trying to make their drugs cheaper, more effective.

But the reality is that the drug companies are not making these drugs at cost.

They are making them at the margins, which means that they do not make any profit.

And these drugs are not cheap.

It costs them about Rs 1,000 to make a pill, Rs 1 per pill.

It’s about a tenth of the cost of a prescription.

And if you compare the cost per unit to the cost to the manufacturer, you find that this is a major challenge for the drug makers.

There are a lot more problems.

One is the cost-cutting.

The companies have to cut the prices of their medicines.

In India, if a drug is priced Rs 1 for a pill and then the manufacturer says that the cost is Rs 3.

And then it’s the other way round: if it’s priced Rs 2.50, the manufacturer has to say that the price is Rs 2 per pill, which brings the total cost of the drug to Rs 6.

So they have to make some cuts.

That means that the prices are lower than the prices the manufacturer makes for the drugs.

They have to reduce the price of their products.

That also means that it costs them more money to manufacture the drug.

The other big problem is the prices.

They say that if you buy this product, it will save you Rs 2 in terms of prescription, and you save Rs 1 in terms to pay for the medicines.

The drugs cost Rs 15 to Rs 30 a tablet.

That translates to about Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,000 a month, and that is not going to help people.

So the problem is not with me, but with the pharmaceutical companies.

What should we do?

Well, we need to talk about it.

We have to get the government to take a look at it.

There has to be a dialogue between the government and the pharmas.

What we have to do is talk to them.

We need to have a dialogue with the pharmabists, the pharmacists, and the government about the problem.

It needs to be done.

The government should come to us and say, “Look, what are the problems in the Indian pharmaceutical industry?

Why are you not investing in the right way?”

And then we should go through it.

Let us look at some things that we are not getting to.

I have an idea.

If we talk to the pharmaceutical giants, we should have a discussion.

We should be open to ideas.

What do you think about this idea?

Do you have any other ideas?

You should have this conversation with the government.

Do not just talk about the drug manufacturers.

Let’s talk to those who are doing this and say that we should take a different approach.

It is not the pharmabs alone.

The Government should come and talk to all the players in the industry.

It should say, ‘Look, the drug is not cheap, and there are many problems with the pricing.

And, in the long run, if we look at our own industry, what you are doing is making drugs at a loss.

So, if you are going to make more medicines, we will need to lower the prices for you.’

We are talking about the pharmaceutical industry, not just the pharmaceutical sector.

This is a very important issue, which I think the Government should address.

We are not the only players.

The people who are not investing, are not putting their money in our industry, are giving the wrong advice to our people, are allowing the price to go up.

So we need the Government to look at this issue, to go through this dialogue, and then go through the industry with a very clear view.

We want to see our pharmabas take the right decisions. What is

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