Composite board bidders were in for a treat when they snapped up two new boards in recent days, offering a composite header with a composite back panel and a composite roof. 

The boards, dubbed Coco2 composite boards, are now available from three different biddings on eBay, with one of the boards selling for more than $3,000. 

But it was a cheaper option to buy the board itself. 

In addition to the two boards, the sellers offer three other components, including a composite front panel, composite back board, and a canopy. 

With this board, you have the same amount of headroom as a normal composite board but also the ability to attach a canopy on the roof.

This allows you to keep the height of the canopy down and provide some shade for the roof, while allowing for a better windage.

The seller also offers a new version of the board, which includes a full-size canopy and two different front panels. 

This is a very popular board for those looking to add a little more functionality to their composite boards.

The board itself is priced at $1,800, with the two additional components costing $800. 

For the buyers of the Coco2 board, it comes with a canopy, but the price tag is also quite steep.

The only other item of interest is a composite canopy, which is only $100. 

All three boards are available for $300 and up, but there are a couple of differences.

For one, the Coco1 board has a composite panel, while the Coco 2 has a canopy for added height. 

While the Coco 1 board does not have a canopy attached, it does have a vertical mounting platform that can attach to a roof.

The canopy will be able to be easily removed with a screwdriver. 

There are two other important differences between the Coco and Coco2 boards. 

First, the front panel is made from aluminum and does not include a hinge, while a similar panel on the Coco3 is made of plastic. 

Secondly, the canopy is made entirely out of composite material and the plastic is still attached to the front. 

Overall, it is a nice upgrade to an existing board, but it does come with a price tag. 

If you are looking for a new board that can support your canopy, the options available are limited. 

You will need to purchase a new front panel and back panel, as well as a canopy that is a little taller than the current canopy, and add additional space for the canopy.

It’s best to do this before you purchase a composite board to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. 

Also, there is a difference in price between the two.

Coco1 costs $1.500 while Coco2 costs $3.800.

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